AR Maintenance Solutions can help you repair your patio or pool enclosure. From one screen panel to a complete re-screen, rotted wood structure damage to broken doors, we will fix the damaged areas and then re-screen the enclosure or covered patio.

Our qualify professionals offer a way for commercial properties to enjoy additional leisure space around their above-ground or in-ground home swimming pool. The enclosures may also act as a safety and protection device to keep people out of the pool when there is nobody available for supervision. With our screen enclosure repair you will enjoy year-round swimming at an economical price. From time to time, pool enclosures may need to be repaired.

Why is Screen Repair Needed in South Florida?

There are many reasons why pool enclosures experience damage and need repairs. Pests like ducks and birds sitting on screens may cause corrosion from their waste products. Squirrel damage can include holes gnawed through the screen material or wood fascia. Storms and hurricanes as well as severe thunderstorms and hail may damage the entire structure of the pool enclosure or may cause minor damage such as holes, dents, and broken doors. Mold on fixtures and casings may cause corrosion on metal parts and damage to wood fascia.

The properties near the ocean may cause the metal screening, junctions and fasteners to corrode. Pool enclosures located in environments with extreme temperatures may experience degradation from the sun, warping, dry rot, and faded paint. People and pets may also cause damage to the pool enclosure through everyday use such as splashing water or accidentally colliding with the structure.