Fence Repair or Replace Miami

Most often, repairs are necessary simply if a part wears out or breaks. However, violent summer thunderstorms and heavy winter snows often topple trees and utility poles, which can subsequently damage your fence. Even unforeseen events, such as motor vehicle accidents can wreak havoc on your fence. Whether you need a simple fix or something more involved, allow us to give you a free estimate. AR Maintenance Solutions do the best service of fence repair Miami and Broward. If your fence is broken or has seen better days, you should consider your options to repair it before you make a decision.

Wood Fence Repair Miami

Sometimes, the wood fence of commercial properties are so old and has started to rot, not worry! AR Maintenance Solution has the solution for you, yo can replace bad slats, pickets or posts with the same type of wood, if the color not match with the original fence, we paint as original color or wherever color that you prefer. This is a job that you may need a help from a professionals.
If your fence boards is in a bad state, the best solution in this case is to replace the fence. AR recommended that you first ask for repair and replace costs and what is the benefits of a large-scale repair against total replacement with a professional fence contractor.