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Need to replace your tree?

Maybe you’ve had a tree shading your commercial property for long time. Perhaps it was a stately specimen that has arched gracefully over your neighborhood for decades, offering a cathedral-like canopy of green, and now all it offers is dried branches. Trees enrich our lives in so many ways. It’s time to make a change in your property and your community, it’s time to obtain a tree replacement Miami.

Tree replacement Miami and Broward can have economic benefits as well. With the exception of your house, trees and shrubs are probably the most valuable assets on your property. AR Maintenance Solutions  provide you the best commercial landscape maintenance with mature trees.

Tree replacement cost Tree replacement Miami

Cost of Tree Replacement Miami

The tree replacement cost vary in all South Florida, specify in counties as Miami Dade and Broward. The following factors are taken for an estimate:

  • Condition:A rating of the tree’s structure and health.
  • Location: The average for the tree’s site, contribution and placement.
  • Tree replacement: The cost to purchase and install the largest locally available and transportable tree in the area.
  • Basic Price: The cost per square inch of trunk area of a replacement tree measured.
  • Species: The rating for a particular species in the area.

Call AR for an estimate of tree replacement, and you can enrich your life now and in the future.

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