It is understandable that damaged or fallen trees are potentially hazardous, unsightly and cumbersome. In South Florida, this can be quite a common burden, especially during hurricane season. We can help remove or trim down any fallen or hazardous trees which have been affected by inclement weather, shallow root structures or wind and storm damage in order to keep you safe and keep your South Florida property looking pristine.

Although it is very appealing to have a leafy canopy shading the backyard of your residential home or other pleasant parts of your commercial property, it is essential to maintain, groom and trim them properly and regularly with each growth season. Furthermore, If you do have a tree or canopy that is slowly claiming territory on part of your home, you risk mold growth on your siding, which is a costly repair in itself.



Trees offer countless benefits to our community. They provide shade from the hot South Florida sun, fresh oxygen and aesthetic appeal. Overall they help to increase the real estate value of a property by 15% and they can help to cut the air conditioning cost of a home by up to 40%, as they are in fact one of the most valuable assets of your South Florida property. However, if unkempt and not properly trimmed, pruned and cared for, they can quickly become detrimental to your South Florida property value.

AR Maintenance Solutions services South Florida property owners in Greater Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We have many years of expertise and deliver quality landscaping, tree pruning and tree maintenance or removal. No job is too big or too small. We have a team of very reliable, efficient experts you can count on for residential and commercial tree services in South Florida. We are licensed, insured and hold the most impressive of credentials and references. Call us today for an estimate and we will gladly assist you I the proper maintenance of your South Florida residential or commercial property.