AR Maintenance Solutions has many years of experience and expertise servicing South Florida. One of our many areas of expertise includes mulching services. Mulching acts as a protective barrier around your plants and to prevent soil erosion. Mulching is also an effective form of weed control and it is one of the best treatments you can use to protect the health and beauty of your landscape.
AR Maintenance Solutions is a full-service property maintenance company that can handle all of your commercial and residential property needs.



AR Maintenance solutions offers a wide variety of choices to suit your property needs both aesthetically and environmentally. Our organic mulches include: hardwood and softwood chips, leaves, grass clippings, compost mixes, bark, evergreen needles, cardboard and newspaper and a variety of other plant byproducts. These materials which decompose over time, are very environmentally friendly. Alternatively, our nonorganic mulches include various types of materials that do not decompose and therefore do not need to be replenished as often. We can offer you rock, lava rock, pulverized rubber, stone, crusher dust, landscape fabrics and other man-made materials. We recommend inorganic mulches for decorative use and a lower-maintenance, yet effective, plan for controlling weeds.

Organic and non-organic varieties both cover the soil and limit evaporation. Retaining moisture, especially during hot, dry seasons can not only help out your plants, but it can also help out your water bill. It also helps maintain soil and lawn nutrients which will ensure a healthy lush lawn. There is a wide variety of mulch available which we will tailor to your commercial or residential property. If you have pest concerns, we will suggest certain aromatic and insect repelling options such as cedar wood chips. Our thorough,proper mulching and landscape maintenance plans will also encourage a healthy biome to help keep your property healthy.