Your lawn care on your South Florida commercial property is an essential element of presentation for your clients. The look of your grounds and proper, vigilant lawn maintenance creates a healthy and professional presence for your business exterior.

AR Maintenance can tackle all of your lawn maintenance needs and concerns. We are a full-service company who can cater to the ultimate care and attention of the lawn on your commercial property in South Florida.

For Spring services we meticulously make sure any debris and dead leaves are removed from your lawn and paths, parking lots or sidewalks on your commercial property. This ensures that the fresh, new healthy grass below can breathe and get fresh air and sunlight as the colder months dwindle. Conversely, AR Maintenance can also handle your Fall cleaning and lawn care needs. We manage any dead-leaf collection, pruning of plants, proper watering, spreading seed if needed, soil loosening and scheduled lawn-mowing to the correct height.

We are very meticulous about the aesthetics of your commercial property because we realize that it is a direct reflection of your South Florida business and we treat it as such. Our experts at AR Maintenance take pride in our vigilance in scheduling regular fertilizer treatments, top dressing, aeration, and our recommended fall feedings to create a truly beautiful lawn both now and next spring.