Why is it so important to fertilize your lawn?

Your lawn, or "turfgrass", requires ample water, sunlight and another key component: nutrient-rich fertilizer. That can be a challenge to regulate in South Florida. Our lawn fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is essential in almost all plant functions, especially in energy and chlorophyll production. Phosphorus is important for root health and early plant development, and potassium helps the grass build thicker cell walls, which strengthens the plant so it can withstand external stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease.

These nutrients can be lost when the lawn is mowed, due to chemical infiltration or via contact with ammonia.

We understand that it is exceedingly tough to keep your lawn looking as lush, fresh and green as you'd like, especially in South Florida, due to the intense natural factors: weather, insects and other pests and that is why we strongly emphasize the importance of lawn fertilizer! With AR Maintenance as your South Florida fertilizer specialist and lawn-care provider, you have a powerful ally in your daily battles.

The fertilizing service AR Maintenance will provide for your South Florida property will help strengthen the roots of your grass. In addition, the very invasive Crabgrass thrives in the hottest days of the Florida summer, when your turf grass is most vulnerable. But having regular scheduled fertilizing treatments, AR Maintenance can help you prevent mud puddles after a rain shower and patchy areas in your lush green lawn. Another reason we recommend having us fertilize your lawn is because this practice eliminates the need for weed killing products as fertilizing your lawn will prevent weeds from rooting properly.

AR Maintenance's fertilizing services for the greater South Florida area will also promote a healthy ecosystem of micro-organisms, insects such as ladybugs, praying mantises, earthworms, and other garden-dwellers that are natural prey for unwanted insects and pests such as raccoons, moles and crows who are drawn to your lawn to feast on them.

Call AR Maintenance today and we will provide you a proper quote after we do a thorough inspection of your South Florida property. We will tailor a long-term lawn-care and fertilizing plan for you.