Home Owners Association (HOA) rules are inevitable and unavoidable in South Florida. AR Maintenance solutions is the best commercial property preservation in South Florida. We take great pride in have a 100% success-rate in adhering to all South Florida's HOA regulations to avoid receiving any violations.

Do you know what happens if you should find out that your properties have broken a South Florida homeowners association rule (HOA)? Unfortunately, you may be subject to fines, liens, and HOA fees. Many property owners are not aware that if you fall behind in violation payments, the HOA can legally obtain a lien against your property. (It is worth noting that in South Florida, an HOA may not file its lien unless it first provides the homeowner with a written demand that provides 45 days to pay all amounts due.) This can cause serious distress to property owners and we are here to help you avoid this!

Sadly, the South Florida Home Owners Association has made several modifications in its laws to benefit them and not in the favor of the property owner. We at AR Maintenance keep up to speed on all of these changes and adhere to them when we service our clients' properties in South Florida.

We at AR Maintenance can help you to ensure that you are up to code on all of South Florida's HOA guidelines. Retaining our services ultimately means that you will avoid being penalized for said HOA violations. We implement the best property maintenance practices, combined with our understanding and strict adherence to HOA guidelines on your properties in South Florida. In hiring AR Maintenance as your skilled landscaping professionals, you can alleviate that stress of addressing violations. We Understanding the rules of HOA landscaping and our services will be ensuring a smooth and peaceful community relationship and proper adherence to make your HOA content and all of their requirements satisfied.

HOA Violations

We are aware that there are many things that you have to keep up to code on your property to avoid HOA penalties and violations. Our best recommendation to keep on the side of the law and abiding all of the South Florida HOA regulations. Since some HOA violations may be inevitable with out professional help, AR Maintenance Solutions is here to expertly help you resolve all your lawn and property violations in a short time and with the highest quality required. Contact us at AR Maintenance Solutions to obtain a low Estimate!