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When your properties are breaking the homeowners association rules (HOA), you may have to deal with fines, liens, and HOA fees . If you don’t want to extra pay for hoa violations, you have to do the right thing in your house, and hire the landscaping professionals to help, AR Maintenance solutions is the best commercial property preservation in Florida.

Florida HOA Laws

When you commitment HOA violations in Miami Dade and Broward, Florida, there are a separate sets of statutes that govern association liens. One covers HOAs in planned communities Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes.

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In most cases, once you fall behind in payments, the HOA can obtain a lien on your property.  In Florida, an HOA may not file its lien unless it first provides the homeowner with a written demand that provides 45 days to pay all amounts due.

The HOA law had some changes to the pass of the years, for purposes of lien priority. This is becoming an advantageous to the homeowners association because its lien might get priority over another lien recorded before you became delinquent on the assessments if the association’s declaration was recorded even earlier.

Before and After HOA Violations

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There are many things that you have to do in your property if you don’t want to obtain the penalty for HOA violations. The proacting HOA is acting within its enforcement powers and has followed the correct procedures, it’s not likely.

Finally, the best for homeowner is to follow the rules and not commitment de HOA violation, but some times happen. Not worry! AR Maintenance Solution can help you to resolve all your lawn violations in a short time and with high quality re queried. Contact us and obtain a low Estimate!

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